Sharing in Our Customer’s Success – Centennial and Grady Health Honored with the Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence for Healthcare

Working collaboratively with Grady Health, Centennial completely renovated an unused space at Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, GA to create Food As Medicine, a healthy food center to provide fresh and nutritional healthy food options for hospital patients, visitors, staff and neighbors.  Centennial completed this project on-time and within budget.  Working with the local community, Centennial was able to subcontract over 30% of the work to disadvantaged subcontractors.

Healthcare facilities require extraordinary attention to detail and the utmost consideration of patient wellness

Just as our healthcare clients strive to ensure high quality patient care at every phase of treatment and recovery, our integrated project delivery teams and program provide consistent results throughout each renovation or construction project and the best final product at completion.

Centennial is a valued partner that solves problems, collaborates on solutions and performs at the highest level with the utmost commitment.  The Centennial team serves the facility needs of healthcare clients across the nation, whether on special assignments or through ongoing relationships spanning a decade or more.

With teams of Certified Healthcare Constructors, Centennial is versant in technically complex codes and guidelines. We apply that knowledge to painstakingly plan, install and/or provide ancillary construction support to new devices without disturbing patients or disrupting their care.

Centennial has successfully completed more than 500 healthcare projects across the nation in all patient risk groups.  Our skilled teams work to achieve excellent results at the many healthcare sites in which we work across the United States, including those for the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, UTHealth, Harris Health, University of Washington, University of New Mexico, Kaiser-Permanente, and others.

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