Driven by integrity and a long-standing culture of performance excellence, Centennial doesn’t just build structures – we transform spaces and create places. These are unique places for our clients to learn, teach, work, play, and heal. With 30 years of nationwide experience on over $4 billion in diverse projects, we excel at making the impossible possible.

Come explore the Centennial difference.

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Safe is the only way we work.

With a safety record that elevates us to the top 1% of the industry, safety isn’t just a priority – it’s the only way we work.  We put the safety of our clients, subcontractors, and employees above everything else.

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With over 30 offices nationwide and mobile project and supervisory teams, Centennial has the reach to work anywhere in the United States.  If your project requires high performance, exactitude in small matters, and a partner focused on earning your trust, that’s what Centennial delivers.

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If you want more than just a job and a place that will support you and your goals, then join our team of construction professionals that go above and beyond every day for our clients and each other.

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